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Dine when you please Guests can have dinner in the restaurant or buffet at a time of their own choosing. Genuine dining pleasure Gourmet menus with regional recipes specially created with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Piedmont, to accompany selected wines by the glass.



Classic Restaurant - Main Dining

Every day, an Italian region will become the theme of your table, with a menu inspired by local culinary tradition. A typical Italian breakfast or a lovely international breakfast, served at your table in the main restaurant and freshly prepared, will be the perfect start to your day. At dinner, indulge in the most famous Italian dishes such as fillet of beef alla Rossini, Cappelletti with braised meat or delicious Sardinian fregola with fresh vegetables. And let’s not forget the gastronomic offerings from the places we visit. In addition, for those who want to taste the best and most popular Made in Italy products, we have selected items available on the menu at an extra charge, including the authentic cotoletta or the exquisite mozzarella produced on board. Finally, great attention is also paid to the presentation of the food, because a truly tasty experience starts with the eyes and then only, does it involve all other senses.

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Self-service Restaurant

It's lunchtime! Just rise from your deck chair and head for the buffet to choose your favourite dish. Costa buffets are perfect for dining in an informal way, for a light snack or for a full lunch. It's the perfect moment to fill up and store some energy for when your cruise day becomes more intense. You can choose the buffet restaurant for dinner if you want a quick meal or if you are cruising with a large group and you all have different needs and preferred sitting times. The variety of vegetables and salads, first courses, meat and fish, delicious desserts and specialties for the little ones, is a pleasant and colorful treat. The large windows overlooking the sea invite you to relax and enjoy the good food. Our waiters will attend to the drinks and will clear your table.

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Botticelli restaurant - Inspired by the master painter’s “Spring”, this harmonious, romantic setting shimmers with Murano-glass chandeliers and exquisite mother-of-pearl details.

Giardino buffet restaurant - A timeless, elegant classic in black-and-white tones, bathed in light from the large veranda windows and with the lemon trees. Breakfast is similar to the one offered in the dining room -- buffet for most items and a station for eggs made to order. For lunch, make-your-own salads, prepared salads, bread, cheese and cold cuts for sandwiches, pizza, soup a hot dish of the day ( reflecting the cuisine fo one of the nationalities onboard) desserts, fruit, grilled hotdogs and hamburgers with french fries are offered. In the evening, there is a casual dinner buffet, offering the same menu as the main dining but cafeteria style. On warm nights, you may take your tray out to pool side deck. A large canisters of loose tea. Verious teas, both varietals and harbal are offered.

Paid Restaurant

Ristrante Casanova

For guests who want to try something different! Costa has tied up with a top-level chef, Mr UMBERTO BOMBANA, the chef of the prestigious Michelin Three-star Restaurant has 30 years of experience and is hailed by the industry as "King of Truffles". The 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Restaurant, which he heads, once again won the Michelin-star in 2018. Chef UMBERTO BOMBANA personally customizes Costa Cruise's specialty dining menu, regularly changes its main menu, and dedicates himself to presenting exclusive Italian-style delicacy.Uses the best ingredients of the season and stick to the most authentic Italian cooking method and Italian wine.A unique dining environment with Italian-style service surrounded by passionate Italian songs.

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Napoli Pizza

A wood stone oven and top quality ingredients, 100% Made in Italy. Costa neoRomantica is the only ship which has a stone oven ON the ship in the is one place on board where you will feel like you are in Italy more than anywhere else - "Napoli Pizza". Here you can enjoy the most famous of all italian dishes, made according to the original recipe. The secret is in keeping it simple; using wholesome ingredients, like fiordilatte mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. The best hot and crispy pizzas are made by the most silled Costa pizzaiolo.

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Le Fiorentina - Steakhouse

Le Fiorentina Steakhouse offers lobster and Wagyu beef dishes with reasonable price. you get multiple courses, including a generous scallop entree, a fish course, steak, salad, cheese and dessert for 33.50 USD~. Dinner reservation is required. It is a chic restaurant with a delightful atmosphere, delicious dishes, and service at the highest level.

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Ristorante Casanova - An amazingly luminous setting with delightful glass-ball pendants and sensationally original light recipes. A Samsara suite or cabin automatically entitles you to a table, although the restaurant accepts bookings from all guests.

Napoli Pizza - The first traditional wood pizza oven on a cruise ship serves up Neapolitan pizza and fabulous focaccia from Recco.

Stake House - The open kitchen rustles up sublime dishes to enjoy from luxurious padded armchairs amid subtle ivory and silver tones that add elegance to this, the ship’s à-la-carte restaurant.


Cocktails and other beverrages are served at onboard bars in neoRomantica, Piazza Italia Grand Bar, Saint-Tropez pool bar, Montecarlo pool bar,Verona Wine and Cheese Bar,Coffee&Chocolate lounge, etc.

All bars provide illy cappucchino and espresso, regular and decaf. As it is an Italian ship, Costa Romantica's wine list runs heavily to Italian wines. Italian drinks such as "Grappa" and "Limoncello" are also available. At Enoteca Velona and Chocolate Rounge, there was a pianist who plays cocktail music.

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Enoteca Verona - Wine Bar

The wine bar is the perfect place to enjoy a real Italian aperitif. Try our selection of top-quality wines from the various regions of Italy are served with cheese and nibbles that enhances their flavour in an elegant setting. In the wine bars, we use modern wine dispensers for bottles and air conditioned cellars to keep the wines at the ideal temperature, protecting them from the air and preparing them for your palate. The attention to detail in the Wine Bars is second to none, including the sea view, ensuring that every occasion is perfect. If you do love wine, we recommend our exciting Wine Tasting Package, a complete package that gives you the chance to try select top-quality wines are 100% Italian, and are all DOC or DOCG wines.

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Coffee&Chocolate lounge

Try our mouthwatering chocolate. Come to the Chocolate lounge and just smell the aromatic cocoa that wafts through the air! A hot chocolate? A chocolate shake? A special praline? Or perhaps a flavoured coffee? You can try them all here! Costa has chosen the very best supplier that Italy has to offer: the quality chocolate and pastry items are all made by Gobino and Biasetto. You will not be able to resist the chocolate fountain, ready to dip your crunchy biscuits or fresh fruit into. Try our delicious new crepes too. At the moment, you can choose from Nutella, white chocolate, peach jam, strawberries but soon there will be many more flavours available. A special highlight is Costa neoRomantica, where besides the Chocolate lounge there is also an Italian Gelato wagon.

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Piazza Italia Grand Bar- Show lounge. Great nights on board happen here, amid delicate champagne and golden tones, with soft armchairs and sofas in leather and velvet, all illuminated by a cascade of blown-glass pearls.

Cabaret Vienna - Another show lounge in Costa neoRomantica. Show Lounge Bar 'Cabaret Vienna' with dance floor will make your evening amazing and bright.

Verona Wine&Cheese Bar - Over 80 famous labels, expert sommeliers, and an exclusive selection of delicious cheeses, preserves and honeys to taste in a modern ambience that’s perfect for a leisurely sociable evening.

Coffee&Chocolate lounge - Soft pink light suffuses this romantic setting with a tinge of art nouveau. Chocolate in all its forms takes centre stage – dip in some scrumptious nibbles, or simply let it melt in your mouth.

Saint-Tropez pool bar - Cozy outdoor bar with refreshing drinks just near the pool. Sun deck chairs are available.

Lido Bar Montecarlo - Reluxation area with cocktails and drinks in luxuary deck chairs and Jacuzzi. Private cabanas are available. Under 17 yrs old are not allowed.

Tango Disco Bar -Night spent in our club will definitely become the best in your life - cozy atmosphere, delicious cocktails, aquaintance with new people and dancing over the mid-night.

Ciger Lounge - A warm, welcoming spot for reading a book or having a chat over a fine cigar. This is the ship’s intimate little lounge.

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